What is Continuous Passive Motion, (CPM), and how can it assist my recovery from knee replacement surgery or ACL/MCL repair surgery ?

Continuous passive Motion or CPM is a Knee rehabilitation method that uses machine with a small electric motor that passively moves the effected Knee through a prescribed controlled range. The Knee CPM Rehab Machine is utilized after Knee Joint Replacement Surgery, corrective Knee Manipulation Surgery or ACL/MCL Repair Surgery. This activity promotes healing by reducing/minimizing joint stiffness and swelling while improving Knee flexibility and exercising the leg muscles around the Knee.

If prescribed a CPM Knee Machine after surgery how do I obtain it ?

After your Physician writes a prescription for the CPM, we verify the information on the Script and then contact you. We will meet with you prior to the actual delivery of the CPM Machine to confirm basic Patient info, review CPM operating/usage instructions and determine where to make delivery. Upon delivery, we will fit the CPM Machine to your leg, review operating instructions again, demonstrate the CPM and school you in its proper and safe operation.

Will my Insurance Provider cover the At-Home Rental of a Knee CPM ?

A vast majority of Insurance Providers consider a Knee CPM Machine to be a Medical Necessity if used immediately following Knee Replacement and ACL/MCL Repair Surgery. Reliable Rehab Solutions will contact your Insurance Carrier to ascertain your level of coverage and then discuss how the results will impact you.