Medicare Info

If you are planning on Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Medicare may cover the majority of costs associated with At-Home Rental service of a Knee CPM machine if their conditions are met. Please review with Medicare their guidelines prior to your Surgery to be sure you understand what is allowed regarding Knee CPM Machines. You may contact Medicare direct by phone or visit them at for details and specifics regarding your individual situation.

Medicare only approves Knee CPM Therapy for Total Knee Replacements (abbreviated as TKR) or also known as Total Knee Arthoplasty (abbreviated as TKA) under HCPC Code EO-935.

Listed below are the primary strict Medicare Guidelines for Knee CPM Usage:

  1. Knee CPM coverage only lasts 21 days / 3 weeks following a TKR or TKA Surgery.
  2. For a Patient to qualify for coverage, the Knee CPM must be applied within 48 hours/ 2 days following the surgery. Medicare will not honor the Knee CPM Usage Coverage if the CPM is utilized outside the 48 hour time window. No exceptions
  3. The Knee CPM must be used continuously during the 21 day period to maintain Medicare coverage.
  4. Knee CPM Rehab usage for Subsequent Knee Manipulation Surgery is not covered at present time.