Rental Knee Machine Albany NY

Reliable Rehab Solutions rents high quality, field proven Knee CPM Rehab Machines in the Eleven County region surrounding Albany, N.Y. We carefully listen to and review the rehab needs of each Patient to assist in and support their initial recovery and rehabilitation efforts. Our prime objective is to have the Patient attain the flex and range-of-motion goals set by their respective Physician. Reliable Rehab Solutions is fortunate to enjoy a positive and close working relationship with Local Physicians, Area Hospitals and Medical Personnel in the greater Albany Region providing Knee CPM Rehab Machines to assist their Patients’ during initial recovery and rehabilitation. Our prime objective is to provide un-paralled flexible service 24/7 to assist the Patient in effectively obtaining the expected level of recovery set forth by their Physician. Clinical studies outlining the purpose and effectiveness of Knee CPM Machines are available for review in the Resource Section. Please find studies done on Knees in varying applications supporting the medical necessity of Knee CPM Machines and how they assist in increasing Range of Motion and Flexibility while decreasing overall recovery times post-op.